Letter in the Mouse Territories, safety is ensured, but never guaranteed.

Ellis, a skilled patrol leader, is called upon by Gwendolyn to investigate the disappearance of Clarence, a member of the Guard who has gone missing in Frostic. Joining her are Cid, a spry young mouse filled with eagerness and ambition – as well as Eric, a rugged and cynical hunter.

Although the path is routine, the risks are always present. And not every mouse may live to tell the tale.


Early Spring, 1153

To all concerned,

With the death of Eric and the disappearance of Cid during the harsh winter, I am saddened to announce the dissolution of the Thirteenth Patrol. The Patrol’s only surviving member, Ellis, is to join Garnier’s group, in order to help raise two of our most promising additions to the Guard in recent years – Walmond and Kole.

Please have my assurance that we will begin the search for all missing mice when the snow fully thaws and our resources are at a level that we can maintain for the seasons ahead. There are greater things that must be accomplished this season, for all our sakes.

- Gwendolyn

The Thirteenth Patrol

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