The Thirteenth Patrol

Letter to Ellis, Fall 1152

Letter from Lady Gwendolyn to the Guardmouse Ellis, Fall 1152

Trusted Ellis,

Greetings to your patrol. Though this letter was delivered in haste, I hope it reaches you in good stead.

Let me begin by saying that I am saddened to hear news about brave Erik’s death at the hands of a predator. He was a skilled member of the guard, cut down at the prime of his life, and shall be sorely missed. I thus wish to relieve you of your mission to Frostic, as I have also received word from Sadie regarding dearest Clarence’s mysterious demise. Please understand that I am not doing this because you are currently lacking in mousepower; rather, any threat to the Guard must be investigated to its fullest extent. I ask that you keep information of both Erik and Clarence’s death to yourself for now as I fear news of mysterious death throughout the guard may cause unnecessary harm to the Guard’s standing among the outlying territories and may sow seeds of ill feeling towards us by the territories closest to Lockhaven. Sadie is now on her way back to me, as I have new orders for her in this regard.

It is with this understanding that I am now giving you orders to proceed to Wolfpointe and rendezvous with wise Edmund, whose patrol recently applied the scent border. From there, proceed to Grasslake and await further orders. While in Wolfpointe, such a large quantity of guardmice would surely attract any opposition within their ranks – it is up to you and Edmund to determine a course of action that will minimise their threat without violating the territory’s laws or jurisdiction.

Make haste, as by the time you receive this letter Edmund’s patrol would have made for Wolfpointe. Do not keep him waiting – he may need your help sooner rather than later.

In order to help you I have sent Colm, a member of the guard currently located in Port Sumac. He should be close to your location now.
- Gwendolyn


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